If you are like us, you are missing sports right now. The echos of warm-up music resonating around a slowly-filling stadium, the sounds of a roaring crowd, the smell of simmering hot dogs at the concession stand, and catching up on the day’s highlights on SportsCenter are all scenes missed.

However, with sports on pause for the time being, we at the Mines Sports Analytics Club want to share with you the story of the Colorado School of Mines-University of Denver (DU) football game of 1919.

News report by 9News (KUSA) on November 24, 2019. Video credit: Arran Andersen & KUSA

Denver’s NBC affiliate, KUSA 9News, reported on November 24, 2019 about the unearthed college football rivalry. Their article, “The Explosive History of the DU-Mines Rivalry” revealed one of the most bizarre stories in Colorado sports history.

For another deep dive, check out Ryan Browne’s 2013 article in the Mines student newspaper, The Oredigger, titled “A Great Rivalry: Mines Battles Denver in 1919“.

The Mines-DU football rivalry was played through the 1949 football season and Mines trails in the series with 19 wins, 27 losses, and 2 ties. While the University of Denver no longer fields a football team, Mines football is going into its 133rd season and is currently part of the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (NCAA Division II).

Photo credit: Denver Public Library and KUSA